Jairus Miller - Jester / Venutian Dancer (Remixes)

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  • Infamous Light’s seventh release comes from the 23 year-old Jairus Miller after a year from his debut single “Feng Shui” EP. Managing to fit time to remix selected cuts from Toes in the Sand, Pacific Front, while releasing a few original pieces through Nigh Drive Music among others, his newest single comes in the form of a 2-track Jester and Venutian. Track one is Jester (After Hours Mix), a deep and trippy ride of wobbly beats and creepy soundscapes. Minimal throughout the course, you find that the track fits the scope of something Warp would put out, and at times, you’ll wonder why didn’t they pick up Miller for their label. The mix blends perfectly for the afterhours indeed, as it has that whole 4am fucked up sound going on - simply dubby and dark, and that’s the good thing about it. You’re not dancing; hopefully, you’re not taking drugs because this will fit as a substitute instead. Track two is Venutian Dancer (Darkside Mix), the upbeat, four-to-the-floor cut that looks to grab a hold of the crowd. Vocal samples built around the concept of sound echoing to give it the tribal push. Unfortunately, the track goes nowhere and relies heavily on the sfx’s to entice listeners. Nothing is overdone, yet, nothing really happens for the entire length of the piece.