Seyton - The Drake Equation

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  • Heavy Rotation have had a string of massive releases recently and this their seventh keeps up the pace of peaktime sounds with The Drake Equation from Norwegian producers Stian Klo and Thomas Nokling aka Seyton. First up is the Original mix which brings together a weighty dose of heavy drum patterns , rolling percussion and a whole bunch of scintillating melodies that seem to shift and slide their way around the track . Added to that is a forcfull distored vocal that works its way in as things strip back for the break where the melody eases us into a deeper and darker mood . Track two is Supreme being which gets a workout from Argentinean Plastique Vision who takes a progged-out approach with eerie,elongated melodies and drawn out bassline that lurk underneath a chunk of stuttery beats.While the pensive mood has been set a subtle choppy vocal and distorted sounds begin aggressive edge in contrast to the wash of uplifting synthlines that develop ever further as the track goes on. This will be another big release for Heavy Rotation who are beginning to show a pattern of consistent big hitting sounds