House Of OM - Mixed by DJ Sneak

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  • San Francisco based deep house label, and quite possibly the label most synonymous with deep house, OM Records is celebrating 10 years of releasing quality dance music to the masses. To commemorate the occasion the label presents a new mix series featuring some of OM's favourite artists and producers providing a mix of their current deep-house favourites. One of house music's most recognised producers and DJ's, Sneak has been enlisted to provide the first mix in the new series. A scatty acappella of DJ Spettro's Family In Mind gets the mix going easily pointing to where deep house gets it roots - jazz. The Crack-A-Tempo mix of the tune gets mixed in to bring in the beat dropping deep four to the floor kicks and a plethora of percussion. Sneak's remix of the Lawnchair General's The Truth goes down a jacking house vibe that fans of Sneak will be familiar with, laying down some funky keyboard stabs and horn stabs ad nausea. Lil' Mark's Life Is A Dream blurs the boundaries between deep house and electro (deep electro!) making good use of a catchy deep house bassline and deep house beat whilst dropping robotic vocodered vocals and electro licks for that all too necessary crossover tune. X, who has quite a memorable name in my opinion, offers up the bouncy flavours of What You Want presented here with a remix done by Jason Hodges - one of Sneak's protegees. Hard to not get grooving to this tune as Jason emphasises the offbeats with a simple yet catchy keyboard riff and an even catchier bassline. On another crossover tip is Acid Attack by No Assembly Firm, sitting on a notable house beat, the tune features a breakeat style percussive overlay, an acid house style riff and what sounds like Windows sound samples (meaning Microsoft Windows!) Bringing back the jazz to the mix is Roomsa featuring Lady Sarah on November Jazz dropping a jazzy piano riff and if I'm not mistaken sees Lady Sarah playing a wicked sax solo on top. Puffin Stuff by C-pen features a repetitive vocal warning all to "get away from that puffin stuff" and JT's Flashback Rework of the tune utilises a very hypnotic and twangy bassline, soul claps and electro licks aplenty. Sneak then drops one of his own tunes towards the end in the form of Funky Rhythm moving the mix to a deep dubby house vibe with its dubby bassline and the speaker filling vocal sample. As good as the tunes are on the mix, DJ Sneak's House Of Om mix tends to draw out each tune making the mix sound much longer than it really should be. Having only 15 tunes to work with in the first place does pose a problem but between transitions you can be left wondering when the next tune will be coming in. Highly recommended for people who don't care what I say and love deep house for all it's fine and funky glory! DJ's and vinyl addicts can also get this on a double vinyl pack featuring a selection of the tunes!