Danny Howells - Global Underground 027: Miami

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  • I would like to be able to say "good for Danny, he’s finally made it," but that would be a lie; the man Howells has already made it, in fact, he’s "m.a.d.e. it" years ago through shear passion and dedication to the music. I can write a lot of things right now about Danny Howells. I can go on and on about how great a dj he is, how amazingly entertaining he gets behind the decks, or how he’s not just genuinely one of the kindest and friendliest people in clubworld, but the world. Sure, I can do all of that, but it would simply be a waste of time to repeat stories and memories that I, along with everyone has of him. It’s fitting that this globetrotting phenomenon (in everyway), along with the label that has infamously associated itself with the glamour of exotic locales (Global Underground) finally sets its foot on the heart of clubland – Miami. Weaving a magic wand, what you get in these two discs is a reflection of past and current sounds. Elements of Disco and House, to Trance and borderline Techno, it liquefies a progression of moods, simulating your ear buds to a boiling point as this all begins with the first silver plate. When you pop that first disc into your player, it only takes you one moment, and you’re into an abyss of funk. Dripping soothing house to bootylicious disco, Danny’s touch is effortlessly breathtaking. Showcasing the glamour of disco strings and sunny grooves, the first disc builds the tempo from Subway’s “Thermal” to a nude point all the way to Bent’s “Exercise 5.” Washes of glorious synths that carry the undertow of melodies that are simply uplifting. Vocals that seduces, yet it never overcomes the senses, it never dulls or dilutes the music – how could anyone not love the first disc with standouts from Sneaker Pimps, Tantra, Tomas Barford, and Bent. Global Underground Miami is hypnotizing, and seamlessly fresh. This disc is the essence of a night lead by Danny Howells himself, a fun loving, happy-go-lucky night of dancing and partying with friends and strangers. The second Disc is more peak hour for those who need it. Even though that funk has dissipated, you're still left with solid grooves overlapping cascading melodies. Pacing becomes the main focus, as there is more variety in the beat factory, yet there’s a little something missing. It’s not the funk that was so evident in the first disc, but a sense of playfulness that’s now not so apparent. There’s nothing dreadful, nor serious about the second disc, but after sipping that first cocktail, you want to stay in the zone and not move on just yet. Even with tracks from Ashtrax, Steve Barnes, and Throbbing Gristile, the disc never fully reaches the peaks that the first disc offered. It’s complete. Howells officially becomes the first triple-crown DJ in the GU banner, and it could not begin with someone more deserving. He has conquered any misconceptions from his "Nubreed" labeling, he has shown his obsessions throughout the Day and Night, and now he has mesmerized the City of Miami. GU and Danny Howell’s latest offering is nothing short of spectacular. Somewhere along the way, you will find yourself in the mist of dancefloor, wither it be in a nightclub or the confides of your own bedroom, you’re dancing, and you owe it all to Danny. Just make sure you invite a few friends along the way. Danny Howells:GU027: Miami Tracklist CD1 01. Subway – Thermal 02. Tomas Barfot - Light Shine 03. AN-2 - Road Through The Rain 04. Ame – Shiro 05. Sneaker Pimps - Post Modern Sleaze (The Salt City Orchestra NightclubMix) 06. Adam Kroll & Break 3000 – Discotronic 07. Tantra - Hills Of Katmandu 08. Dj Nique - Mission TF017 09. Olaf Pozsgay - Like A Virgin 10. Silicone Soul - Les Nocturnes 11. Mimosa - End Of Me (Jazzy Dub Mix) 12. Atomphunk - Boogie Down (Kneedeep Mix) 13. Bent - Exercise 5 CD2 01. Dennis Desantis - Thin Air 02. Codebase - Seek And Destroy 03. Dennis Desantis – Hiatus 04. Sid Lerock - Bulldozer 05. Steve Barnes - Cosmic Sandwich 06. Wighnomy Bros - Wurze & Blusse 07. Mateo Murphy - Latin Lover 08. Boogie Drama - Stalkers Groove 09. Drama Society - Crying Hero (Tiga Mix) 10. Bobby Peru - Blood Money 11. Unit 4 - Bodydub (Tiefschwarz Mix) 12. Solid Gold Playaz - Le Soul Afrique 13. Ashtrax - Freeload (Free Love) 14. Bryan Zentz - Redfield 15. Greens Keepers - Keep It Down (Radio Slave Dub) 16. Throbbing Gristle - Hot On The Heels Of Love (Simon Radcliffe Remix)