Shiloh - Hi and Lo

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  • Shiloh are Colin and Justin Moreh and they've been very prolific of late. Hi and Lo is their latest project and looks set to be another big release for the boys. The A side Sign 1 starts off with some sparse percussion before the main bassline kicks in. Subtle melodies weave they're way into the track as it progresses and draw you into the groove. Theres no big breakdown in this track, it just grooves its way along taking you on a journey with it. The track has a subtle beauty about it which is both mesmerising and hypnotic and keeps you interested from beginning to end. Soteria on the flip is a similar beast but with this track they have used some very unusual chord progressions and pads which shouldn't work but they do, there is certainly plenty going on and though its the weaker of the two tracks its still a belter. Overall this is another big track from Shiloh who are going from strength to strength and though many people are saying progressive house is dead tracks like this will ensure that it lives on for a little while yet!