Alter Ego - Rocker (The Final Chapter)

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  • Klang Recordings get set to finally put Alter Ego’s massive hit Rocker to bed with three final remixes of this electro anthem. First up is Wink’s Acid Rocker Interpretation, and it features the trademark acid sounds of Wink’s work. The track builds quite well using the twisted riffs from the original to slowly introduce the main riff, which only sees a short stay in this quite twisted remix. The Plastiman Remix is very quirky, using slow baselines and twisted beats to get its rework across. The pace is slow and the resemblance to the original is quite minimal. The Earl Shilton Remix is a full on grunge remix, using some gritty guitar riffs and intense drumnwork. A very interesting package, with the Wink remix probably being the simplest and most conventional of the lot. It wouldn’t be often you will hear that said.