Ahmet Ertenu - Why

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  • Nascent continue theyre onslaught on our senses with theyre latest signing Ahmet Ertenu. Dont know a great deal about young Ahmet but on the strengh of this release im pretty sure you'll be hearing a lot more of him in the future. Why is his first track for Nascent and its a techie influenced cut with a progressive edge. It also features a familiar old vocal sample which you will know as soon as you hear it (I cant remember what the track was called but it was released on FFRR about 8 years ago). Its a solid debut but its the Derek Howell mix on the flip that most people have been drawn to. Derek turns the track completely on its head creating a massive soundscape with lush keychanges and all his production touches that made his Eps on Bedrock and Fade so popular and if you liked those then you will love this. Overall this is another strong release from Nascent and with releases forthcoming from Shiloh and Shumel Flash they show no signs of easing off the pressure!