24 - The Longest Day (Armin Van Buuren Mixes)

  • Published
    7 Feb 2005
  • Words
    Resident Advisor
  • Label
    NEBDJ 064
  • Released
    January 2005
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  • Capitalising on the global phenomenon of the 24 television series Armin Van Buuren one of the hottest dj’s of 2004, releases his remix of the 24 theme. The track kicks off with the same monologue that starts each 24 show, Federal Agent Jack Bauer describing the longest 24 hours of his life. From there the track launches into a haunting trance/house beat that you can’t help but like. For those trance and progressive house fans out there, Armin’s remix does justice to what is a truly amazing show. The bass remains at a constant pulsating beat and just when you think it might let up, Armin drops in the sample of Federal Agent Jack Bauer perfectly. Credit must also be given to Shaun Callery’s original score of the 24 theme and I am sure he would be pleased with the new club touch it has been given. The flip side provides dub version of “24” theme. On this side you here more of the same trance that we come to expect from the Dutch master. This side highlights the excellent production of both tracks, with a reverberating baseline that keeps it moving along smoothly. The haunting feel remains but with a slightly electronic feel this b side is also worth a listen. Overall a quality release. One of the few television theme songs that I have heard remixed and he has done it well.