LA Timpa - Quarterback

  • Phantasmic chamber pop on Halcyon Veil.
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  • LA Timpa has been finding solace in life's quieter moments. The Nigerian-born, London-based singer-songwriter further establishes himself as a singular voice with his latest album: Modern Antics In A Deserted Place. It's a healing and contemplative record that serves as a worthy follow up to the gauzy Equal Amounts Afraid. "Quarterback" is phantasmic chamber pop from an artist who defies genre with seemingly unintentional ease. Jagged percussion woozily assembles itself as haunting vocals meander in. The mood is somehow both claustrophobic and meditative at the same time. "Quarterback" is a warm welcome back into LA Timpa's world. These are the ruminations of an innovative talent.
  • Tracklist
      01. Quarterback