• DJ JM's second release of the year shows the best of his drums.
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  • DJ JM, who could be referred to as Lithuania's king of drums, joins the Goon Club Allstars roster with his second release of the year, the XD EP. His new record showcases his two distinct ways of making club music. "XD" and its accompanying remix immediately lift the mood with bright tones and groovy rhythms—a perfect representation of his personal sound. The second half of the EP is darker in comparison. "Skrabalai" features the Lithuanian instrument it's named after as a soft percussive element. Angel D'lite's remix adds dub organ sounds and hikes up the tempo to form something trance-like. The energy mirrors the mesmerising swirls in the EP's artwork. Of all the tracks, "Dead End" is the best example of a signature DJ JM piece, with lively thumps bouncing alongside repetitive shrieks to create an infectious rhythm.
  • Tracklist
      01. XD 02. XD (Remix) 03. Skrabalai 04. Dead End 05. Skrabalai (Angel D'lite Remix)