Various - On Loop - Moxie Presents Vol. 5

  • Moxie's latest compilation has all the range of a typical club night, from delicate openers to spirited beats.
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  • Moxie returns with the fifth edition of her compilation series, On Loop. The NTS resident always selects incredibly skilled artists, with previous releases including Lord Tusk, Budgie and Shanti Celeste. This time, the project features original tracks from rRoxymore, Al Wootton and more. Yu Su's "1024" opens the compilation with gentle tones, almost reminiscent of rain drops delicately colliding with surfaces where they land. Al Wootton arrives next with "Ubu", a showcase of his signature dub-influenced style. He moves things forward in a gradual manner, with echoed percussive components giving off a spaced-out feeling. "Soleil Synthétique" by rRoxymore erupts halfway through the compilation, speeding up the pace with its housey feel and sharp drums. This energy continues on "Ocular Reflex" and "Vibra," before Pursuit Grooves brings the pace back down on "This Concentrated," returning to the serene feeling at the start of the compilation. System Olympia closes with "Miya Says," which puts you in a soft trance. As a whole, the compilation reflects a typical club night: slow warm-ups, dynamic middle sets and hyped closers.
  • Tracklist
      01. Yu Su - 1024 02. Al Wootton - Ubu 03. rRoxymore - Soleil Synthétique 04. Ronan & Teleself - Ocular Reflex 05. Ciao - Vibra (Fran's Deep Mix) 06. Pursuit Grooves - This Concentrated 07. System Olympia - Miya Says