JD. Reid - North West's Finest

  • London's JD. Reid shares the best tracks he made during lockdown.
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  • JD. Reid's mixtapes have revealed him to be one of London's most talented producers when it comes to fusing hip-hop, future beats and gospel samples to create a complete sound. His unique way of blending different genres into a coherent whole is particularly evident on his latest release, North West's Finest. Made over a short space of time during the first UK lockdown, this collection of 15 tracks (plus a continuous mix) conveys a variety of moods, from feeling relaxed to loved and accomplished. "Welcome" is a brilliant initiation, ushering JD Reid's audience into his sonic world, where they are about to embark on a journey that explores the intersections of dub, hip-hop and soul. Beats and breaks characterise "swordfish," while "open water" lulls the listener into a state of serenity with soothing woodwind elements and delicate vocal placement. In line with JD. Reid's previous work, North West's Finest features collaborations with five vocalists, including Biig Piig, Ms Banks and Zilo. On "good good," Zilo's alluring voice is enough to give you chills. "if love / 213," featuring Biig Piig, brings JD. Reid's soulful style to the fore. North West's Finest ends with "glory," closing this enchanting collection with a touch of gospel.
  • Tracklist
      01. Welcome 02. Swordfish 03. Open Water 04. You Can Do It Too 05. Lord Gellys 06. Paragliding 07. Reflections 08. Zebras feat. Denzel Himself 09. Good Good feat. Zilo 10. When It Rains feat. Ms Banks 11. It Pours 12. Terminals 13. Paid feat. Suspect 14. If Love / 213 feat. Biig Piig 15. Glory