Nara - Ipse Dixit (Remixes)

  • Yazzus, Air Max '97, limitbreak! and Ship Sket tackle tracks from Nara's Ipse Dixit EP.
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  • 2020 has been a year of fundamental change when it comes to our consumption of dance music. The shifting of listener needs and desires has been just one of the many knock-on effects brought on by the turbulence of the past 12 months, with many reevaluating and assessing which strands of electronic music they wish to hear away from the dance floor. Some have gravitated towards ambient or easy-listening music; warm hugs and cranial massages in record form. Others have gone in a different direction. The other end caters to an increased hunger for hard, fast music that'll make you feel something, anything, and, to some extent, offer an antidote for clubland withdrawal symptoms. For those who find themselves here, still seeking out music of the pummelling and propulsive variety, Ipse Dixit (Remixes) is an excellent option. It's the latest project from Italy-born, London-based Nara and arrives via LCY's SZNS7N imprint, which launched last year. If you've tuned into Nara's past offerings on labels like Super Kitchen or its offshoot, Angels Never Expire, then you'll know about her penchant for hardcore, techno, hard dance and gabber. While many of the styles she draws from are decades old, Nara brings them firmly into the now and considers how to connect them to younger generations of ravers. Her remixers approach Ipse Dixit from that perspective, too, with all four re-imaginings wired into the same sonic mainframe as the original EP. LCY's 6 Figure Gang cohort Yazzus opens with her rework of "Daddy I Want A Pony" and adorns the track in her typically relentless and high-energy hue. limitbreak! tackles the same tune and pushes its hard-hitting nature to near whiplash-inducing levels. Then, it's Air Max '97 with "Ipse Dixit." The DECISION's founder flirts with drum & bass to vigorous effect before SZNS7N mainstay Ship Sket takes on "Saliva" and sharpens up the OG cut to give it a doom-laden, ominous edge.
  • Tracklist
      01. Daddy I Want a Pony (Yazzus Remix) 02. Daddy I Want a Pony (limitbreak! Remix) 03. Ipse Dixit (Air Max '97 Remix) 04. Saliva (Ship Sket Remix)
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