Nandele - FF EP

  • Wonderfully murky rhythms from Mozambique.
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  • Nandele Maguni is a central figure of the electronic scene in Mozambique, where he helps young people across the country get into the game. His own music is rooted in instrumental hip-hop, but with a sharp, industrial edge. FF, for the label Cotch International, sounds shiny and futuristic, even when rooted in sounds from the past. The centrepiece, "Module," is a seven-minute dungeon crawler of a track, meant to rock a dance floor in slow motion. Same goes for the grinding and furious "Kandhola." You could imagine 21 Savage rapping over the delicate, reverb-soaked title track. "Impact 61+" takes a welcome detour into techno, with swelling synths and a brusque vocal carved out of a fiery speech. Huge, forceful and high-definition, Maguni's sound stands on its own, in the Mozambican scene and beyond.
  • Tracklist
      01. Reality Check 02. Module 03. Kanhola 04. O Processo 05. FF 06. Virose 07. Impact 61+