Overmono - Everything U Need

  • The sibling duo provide Everything U Need (and more) on their latest for XL Recordings.
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  • When Ed and Tom Russell, AKA Overmono, first announced Everything U Need, their new EP for XL Recordings, they penned a sincere Instagram caption that opened with: "One of the best things about making music is the knowledge that you can always get better." It's a sentiment that can be felt across this four-track EP, and particularly on its spirited title track, which they debuted in an earlier form back in March at a Printworks gig. In fact, it was actually the last track that they performed live before the pandemic truly hit the UK. Next, there's "Aero," a bright tune that's shrouded in bittersweet synths that roll in like the tide. It's followed by "Clipper (Another Five Years)," which Overmono say is their nod to the late Andrew Weatherall. (After the dance music trailblazer's passing in February, the pair went on a "massive Weatherall bender" and indulged in various projects from across his lengthy back catalogue.) The pair have been fine-tuning their signature for some time, homing in on a bangers-only blend of techno and breaks adorned with UK rave influences. It's nostalgic, even for listeners whose only connection to '90s dance music culture is being born in the same decade. While in lockdown, it seems their goal to further realise their sound provided them with a mission, of sorts, to also ensure that they were taking into account where and how their fans would be engaging with the music. It's an EP that feels equal parts ambitious and familiar.
  • Tracklist
      01. Everything U Need 02. Aero 03. Clipper 04. Verbosa