2Lanes - Baby's Born To Fish...

  • A house and electro record that taps into Detroit's communal spirit, featuring John FM, Shigeto, Kesswa and more.
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  • 2Lanes isn't from Detroit originally, but his new record embodies the Motor City. Since making Detroit his home, he's developed a style faithful to several of its traditions, from Luke Hess-style dub techno to the pulsating electro of acts like Aux 88. His latest 12-inch, which lands on Shigeto's label, is something of a Detroit jam record, featuring a host of collaborators on two tracks—one electro, one techno—including John FM, Ian Fink, Shigeto, Kesswa and Ji Hoon, that make it feel like you're at a Detroit afterparty, where the mood is loose and genres melt into each other. "Impish Desires," with Ji Hoon, features steamy dialogue from Eyes Wide Shut and combines different strains of Detroit electro: the loud, clashing, trebly chords are Drexciyan, while the slick production values and spacious soundstaging is more in line with the rowdy side of the genre. But "Baby's Born To Fish..." is the prize here, a boozy group session where honeyed vocals float above a jacking rhythm section that feels supple and thick, as if played by a live band. The kick drum is pure techno, the atmosphere is deep house and the vocals are R&B—it's the kind of track that's somewhere between raucous live recording and dance floor tool, glowing with the energy of the people who made it together in one room.
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      01. Baby's Born To Fish… 02. Impish Desires