Alloy Sea - Petrichor

  • Mor Elian is Alloy Sea on this exceptional tour of the outer reaches.
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  • During the months spent in lockdown, Mor Elian finished a downtempo work that had already been a year in the making. Entitled Petrichor and released on Syn Syn—a new offshoot of Fever AM, the label Elian runs with Rhyw—this nearly hour-long piece supplements intimate fragments of living sound with melodic shimmers and light-footed sub-bass. Tempered bursts of white noise and randomized collisions sound like Foley art—that is, the practice of using everyday objects to recreate sound effects for film. Elian finds inspiration and beauty in non-musical sources, abstracting them far enough that the record's arc never comes close to her kitchen cupboard. A laissez-faire mixdown means the sounds seem to hang in limbo and nothing disturbs the peace. From 13 minutes, the percussion wanders from a loosely-bound groove and low-pass filters swallow the ground from beneath your feet. At 36 minutes, there's a particularly strong rhythmic passage of metallic resonances. The sonic coherence throughout Petrichor belies its exploratory air, and Elian hits the mark in her fluid assembly.
  • Tracklist
      01. Petrichor Part One 02. Petrichor Part Two 03. Petrichor Part Three 04. Petrichor Part Four