Andrew Ashong, Kaidi Tatham - Washed In You

  • A sublime meeting of musical minds.
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  • In the Ghanaian language of Twi, the concept of Sankofa refers to fetching valuable things from the past. It is symbolized by a bird with its feet facing forward, its head facing backwards and an egg in its mouth. Sankofa Season, the upcoming EP from soul artist Andrew Ashong and broken-beat pioneer Kaidi Tatham, combines and updates the eggs of their respective musical journeys into a breathtaking new collaboration. The first single, "Washed In You," is a gently-moving hybrid of broken-beat, funk, soul and jazz. Tatham’s drum patterns and wandering keyboard passages are inevitably masterful. Ashong keeps the lyrics simple, leaving his irresistible tones to do most of the talking. There is plenty of space for both artists to shine and the harmonic chemistry between them oozes. It’s a welcome return for Ashong, who has been quiet since 2014. For Tatham, it’s another brilliant collaboration in a career full of them.
  • Tracklist
      01. Washed in You