Ms. Carrie Stacks - A Friend

  • An emotional ride in the lead single from Ms Stacks' debut album.
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  • Ms. Carrie Stacks is set to release her debut album, Q+A, at the end of this month. Mostly renowned for her dramatic DJ sets, she also excels as a producer and songwriter. Q+A's lead single, "A Friend," tells a story about falling out with a loved one and later coming to the realisation of being ready to move on and reconcile. It's a story that will resonate with most people, understanding where we went wrong and knowing how to fix it. The start of "A Friend" emits an element of uncertainty with Ms. Carrie Stacks's echoed vocals placed over soaring synths. Later, heavy drums emerge, gradually increasing the track's chaotic energy. This arrangement feels like a reference to the realisation she's trying to portray in the single. Something that began gentle and tranquil ends in boisterous vibrations. Ms. Carrie Stacks is showing her vulnerable side.
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      01. A Friend