• A revved-up peek at Tygapaw's debut album.
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  • TYGAPAW plays her tracks at 10. Long a staple of the New York techno scene, her sound is hard and tough, rarely leaving a relaxed moment in her music. Taking cues from '90s Detroit techno, TYGAPAW brings her A-game again in her latest single, "Run 2 U," which is our first glimpse of her debut album. The cut begins like a kick of energy, built on a hammer-like bass drum and the kind of sensual-mechanical vocals that can lull listeners into a deep hypnotic trance. But one of its best moments is a lesson in the importance of timing. Appearing at 2:22, a spine-tingling melody chimes in to disrupt the reverie. This track may hit like whiplash, but it's warmed with endless groove.
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      01. Run 2