Hagan - Waves EP

  • Fluid grooves with a Ghanaian twist from the London-based producer.
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  • Waves, the new EP from London-based producer Hagan, offers a vivid take on dance music with clear links to some of the UK's finest homegrown styles (like UK Funky, for example) as well as his Ghanaian heritage. The latter informs the release in a very natural way. Which makes sense, really, considering that many of the rhythms and percussive elements in UK club music either stem directly from non-western sources and styles, or are loosely inspired by them. Hagan's focus on these rhythms acts as a reminder of this. It also ties the new project in with his previous output. Some of the percussion on "Waves" stems from recordings of traditional Ghanaian percussionists Hagan recorded at the Vivivi Studios in Accra when he was working on his Yenkyi EP and its accompanying documentary. The track is smooth and light, combining meditative and subdued elements without losing its club focus. "Ultra" is relentless, squelchy and all kinds of fun, while closing track "On Sight" is the EP's rowdiest tune.
  • Tracklist
      01. Waves 02. Ultra 03. On Sight