Various Artists - Consequences

  • DECISIONS turns five with a showcase of "carefully orchestrated chaos" from label friends and newcomers alike.
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  • Air Max '97's DECISIONS label turns five this month. The Australian producer has marked the occasion with a 15-track showcase of what he's calling "carefully orchestrated chaos." The compilation features a global array of DECISIONS affiliates and alumni (Laughing Ears, Yre Den, Isomov, Avbvrn, Oroboro, SCAM, Sevy and DJ Plead) as well as a swarm of new faces (to the label's roster, that is) such as Bby Eco, Ido Plumes, Atro and more. Air Max '97 also features on Consequences. His track "Triple Pendulum" is a continued exploration into how club functionality and off-kilter eclecticism can operate and thrive in tandem. The DECISIONS identity is all about experimentalism and "music to move people," be it through intriguing sound design, rhythmic choices or both. That was the case when Air Max '97 launched DECISIONS, initially as an outlet for his own music, and the music presented on Consequences aligns with this, too. With no single genre or statement put forward by the artists collectively, it's actually the differences in perspective and approach that forms the overall message and camaraderie here. Emily Glass's "Scribble Machine" opens the release on an eerie note. A fusion of mechanical elements and bells results in a tune you might expect to hear coming from an opened jewellery box in some unsettling horror film. (Emily also designed the compilation's cover art alongside Air Max '97.) DJ Plead delivers a confident drum work-out on "STP"—his fast-forming signature is sure to elicit some sort of physical listener response. Hence Therefore supplies the warehouse carnage on "Path Dependent" and Bby Eco's "Inner Life" is abuzz with, well, buzzing samples. Meanwhile, Avbvrn closes an excellent compilation on an ambient note, as "Foment (Recursive)" is layered with contemplative and reflective energy.
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      01. Emily Glass - Scribble Machine 02. Laughing Ears - Among The Ashes 03. Air Max '97 - Triple Pendulum 04. Bby Eco - Innerlife 05. Yre Den - Bird Spiral 06. Ido Plumes - Walking With The Tasman Abel 07. Isomov - Aurora Torus 08. Oroboro - Absolute Schism 09. Hence Therefore - Path Dependents 10. CORIN - Stealth 11. Atro - Hafta 12. DJ Plead - STP 13. Collo - Bantu Nilote 14. SCAM & Sevy - Neighbour Mr Tumnus 15. Avbvrn - Foment (Recursive)