Dounia - Popping In The Abyss

  • DIY R&B from the Queens native.
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  • Moroccan-American artist Dounia Tazia grew up playing the guitar, and has worked solo and with producers on and off since 2017. Her latest effort, Popping In The Abyss, has a DIY feel. Her soft voice skims the production on opening track "Everything Hurts," channeling Illangelo's work on The Weeknd's Trilogy. The metallic snares combine with a laidback chord arrangement on the second track "Bahamas," which makes it feel almost like an interlude. This is followed by "In My Book," a two-minute diss track with a beat reminiscent of golden era Bahamadia. The EP ends with "Gone Girl." Dedicated to an ex-lover, the song's strings are drowned in reverb while the vocals see the artist repeating her mantra that she doesn't want to be the bigger person in a relationship all the time. Similar to "Everything Hurts," the production feels like what was in season in Toronto in the mid-2000s. Popping In The Abyss moves fast, which seems to be a pattern across Dounia's discography. It feels like there is a sense of urgency for her to unload all the different emotions she is holding on to as quickly as possible, but regardless of length this EP is a committed effort.
  • Tracklist
      01. Everything Hurts 02. Bahamas 03. In My Book 04. Gone Grl