Wata Igarashi - Travelling

  • The techno producer gets tough on this latest for Omnidisc.
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  • Wata Igarashi makes transportive music, taking the hypnotic style made famous by Donato Dozzy and the Prologue Records crew to dizzying new heights. Following his gorgeous ambient excursions in the WIP series, Traveling seizes on bold midrange sounds, with three tracks of grotty synths and roiling bass, plus one celestial anthem to set your head straight after. The three main cuts on Travelling are all brusque. "3AM" pairs shrill FM synth leads with curdled LFO bass. "Stuck In CDG" has a sinusoid bassline that feels like it's trying to carve its way into your skull. "Turbulence" is almost motion-sickness inducing, with a relentless up-and-down progression. All three tracks seem designed to stick out in a set like a sore, angry thumb, which is a change for Igarashi. "Homecoming" is the balm, a gorgeous wind-down that features those beautiful melodies he showed off in his ambient work. Where he once communicated through subtle changes, here he knocks you over the head. It's as impressive and illuminating as always.
  • Tracklist
      A1 3AM A2 Turbulence B1 Stuck In CDG B2 Homecoming