LEYA - Wave (Actress Remix)

  • Haunting atmospherics define Actress's remix of the New York avant-pop duo.
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  • There's rarely been a better time to be an Actress fan. Darren Cunningham has blessed us with a free full-length mixtape, the RA-recommended 88, and there's a new album, titled Karma & Desire, to look forward to. In between those two releases we get a new, ambient remix of the New York harp, violin and vocals duo LEYA. The sonic mystique that's central to Actress's appeal is in full effect here. In most of his remixes, Cunningham is brought in to apply his murky, hypnagogic beat science to more straight-ahead material. LEYA's "Wave," off of the duo's excellent March LP, Flood Dream, is bizarre in its own right, subverting the baroque connotations of its arrangement in favor of something haunting and novel. Over eight minutes, Cunningham time stretches Marilu Donovan's vocal, adds a mysterious piano figure as a call-and-response to the original's harp line, and bathes the whole thing in thick hiss and atmosphere.
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      01. LEYA - Wave (Actress Remix)