Elkka - I. Miss. Raving.

  • Bright, pop-focused house from the femme culture boss.
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  • In 2016, Elkka founded femme culture, a party which sought to carve out a safer space within the monotony of a male-dominated scene. The outlet has since branched out into a label of the same name, continuing the collective's mission to highlight the work of forward-thinking women and non-binary DJs. The London artist's latest EP, I. Miss. Raving., comes from a relatable longing to bring back the life-altering moments she once curated on the dance floor. The title track feels springy and bright, projecting an echoing chorus and bobbing vocals over a taut house beat, where the frisky melodies of "Bleep+" feel fresh at every turn. Effervescent and rich with feeling, this is pop-focused house at its finest.
  • Tracklist
      01. I. Miss. Raving. 02. Bleep+