• A flash of brilliance.
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  • When it comes to BEARCAT's new EP, people will gravitate towards her jungle edit of Sean Paul, or the track with the attention-grabbing title "THE BELLS." But that would overlook SPELL's highlight, "SIGHT," which begins with a fake-out: first, you hear the bucking basslines of trap, then a synth melody that could lurk in the background of a 2020 hip-hop instrumental. Just when you settle into the mood, there's a Reese bassline and a sturdy drum & bass rhythm section that clicks into place. "SIGHT" is not particularly flashy, but its drum pattern is chunky and satisfying. From its odd intro to its short length, "SIGHT" isn't your garden variety drum & bass track. It's a clever club tool from a DJ whose brilliant restlessness and tireless energy colour everything she does.
  • Tracklist
      01. SIGHT