Gravité - Window Paine

  • Cosmic synth music from San Francisco.
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  • Gravité is a new synthesizer duo from San Francisco, but they slot into a well-worn tradition that begins in 1970s Germany and remains strong in the present via acts like Zombi and S U R V I V E. The first single off Gravité's forthcoming debut LP, "Window Paine," hammers in the group's focus on the psychedelic elements on the kosmische sound. Like many who came before, Matthew Riley and Aaron Diko imbibed and jammed on timeless, evocative machines—the Roland Juno 60, the Korg Mono/Poly, the Minimoog and the bite-sized Volca Keys. Of course, similar setups have been produced as much pap as they have mind-expanding music, but "Window Paine" is an honorable entry in the analog continuum due to Riley and Diko's knack for a dreamy melody. Classic synth tones float and interlock, the short track falling somewhere between Musik Von Harmonia and Chris & Cosey's most romantic, blissed-out material.
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      01. Window Paine