SG Lewis - Impact feat. Robyn & Channel Tres

  • A summer hit for the dance floors that might have been.
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  • "Impact" feels like a lifeline. The British artist's latest single, co-produced with TEED and featuring Robyn and Channel Tres, radiates sunshine the second it starts with Robyn's runaway vocal. Then Compton rapper-producer Channel Tres rides the bassline like a rising tide. The way the ascending chord progression colours his otherwise deadpan rap is pop music genius, as is the way Robyn's vocal curls around his before floating away into the ecstatic chorus. Something about the call-and-response duet style of "Impact" feels retro, like Eurodance, but the song is all 2020 with its throbbing production style. The song is innocent, familiar and moreish as it careens from hook to hook, ending with a whole new chorus looping Robyn's "That's enough for now" line over a triumphant piano melody, like a long-lost Black Box tune. It's the soundtrack for the summer most of us are only having in our minds.
  • Tracklist
      01. Impact