Shakey - Shakey

  • Bizarre and intriguing dance floor shapes from Wilted Woman and Silvia Kastel.
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  • Wilted Woman (Lizzie Davis) and Silvia Kastel were apparently "chosen" to perform together for a 2017 Berlin event called Thalamus. Whoever put that together knows a thing or two about chemistry. The two artists, who migrated from noise and free improv to the jagged edges of the dance music scene, have seemingly worked together ever since. Since 2017, Kastel and Davis have expanded upon their initial improvisation, DJing and performing live together. Now, they've released their first record as Shakey. The opener, "Crayscandens," is meant to chase the squares out of the room. The 140 BPM free-techno assault cycles, variously, through rave stabs, queasy trip-hop dynamics and jaunty piano. The rest of the five-track EP is more inviting. "Slappy," which takes its name from a slap-bass sample deep in the track, is sympatico with fellow murk merchants like Cru Servers. "Dischidia" flips the "Fairlights, mallets and bamboo" atmosphere of '80s Japan into something modern and thoroughly alien, while "e ocean"'s burbling, melodic house will appeal to fans of RAMZi.
  • Tracklist
      01. Crayscandens 02. Slappy 03. Dischidia 04. Moth 05. e ocean