Angel D'lite - CRYSTALZ

  • Y2K pop meets hands-in-the-air hardcore vibes on Angel D’Lite’s debut.
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  • London-based producer, DJ and set designer Angel D'lite joins the Banoffee Pies fold with her debut EP, Dolphins Have Sex For Pleasure. Angel D'lite’s harder, faster, brighter signature—influenced by a love for hardcore, pop and other euphoric dance music mutations—is on display across the EP's three tracks, plus the remix from fellow Londoner JAY. In the past, Angel D'lite (previously known as A Boy From Outer Space) has explored an intrigue for all things effervescent and rave-ready via her J'adore Hardcore radio show on Netil Radio and sets at club nights such as Big Dyke Energy. EP opener "CRYSTALZ" showcases Angel D'Lite’s sonic mood. Y2K pop is infused into her '90s high-octane and breakbeat-laden toolkit, evoking rave withdrawal symptoms and a pining for lasers, lack of personal space and hands-in-the-air epiphanies. Sudden cravings to be on the way home from the club, with "CRYSTALZ" blasting out of your headphones, car, wherever really, are inevitable.
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      01. CRYSTALZ