Guedra Guedra - Son Of Sun

  • With his debut EP, Morocco's Guedra Guedra funnels Bedouin themes through a vortex of jungle-inspired rhythms.
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  • Son Of Sun, the debut release from Morocco's Guedra Guedra كدرة كدرة, AKA Abdellah M. Hassak, came out in April through On The Corner. As a sound engineer, visual artist and musician, Hassak has always made it his goal to showcase the innate connection between traditional Moroccan rhythms and electronic music, and that is exactly what he delivers on this six-track EP. Echoes of Morrocan instruments such as the krakeb and bendir mesh with hard-hitting 808s, layered with the distinct sounds of the sintir and other Morrocan strings, all packed neatly with the right amount of footwork bounce. "Uggug"'s mystic chants pave the way for the traditional sounds of the kamenjah and flute, starting the EP with an unshakeable bounce. Hassak's musical background shines through on the quickfire "Anlo Kinka," where his musical influences spread wider while keeping his homeland as the focus. "Black Wax" is a lush head-nodder, with a slow-burning low end, warm synths and textures sitting over the unmistakable Gnawa chops and ultra-groovy stabs. Taking inspiration from Chaabi music, the claps and celebration chants on "Juke Lockstep" build energy with the help of tribal rhythms and samples reminiscent of a Teklife track. "Aït Crossing," Son Of Sun's remains tangled up with lots of shakers and bass pressure. If this drop doesn't make you want to call a rewind, I'm not sure what will.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Uggug A2 Anlo Kinka A3 Black Wax B1 Juke Lockstep B2 Oorun B3 Aït Crossing