Tim Reaper - Meeting Of The Minds Vol. 1 & 2

  • Published
    14 Jul 2020
  • Label
    Future Retro
  • Released
    July 2020
  • Genre
  • An expansive and collaborative primer for the modern-day jungle scene.
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  • Tim Reaper is one of the most talented in a thriving community of producers who make reverent but imaginative jungle. Reaper is starting to make waves in the wider dance music world, notably with a stand-out track on Lobster Theremin's recent compilation, and this month he launched a new label. Reaper's best tracks feature dextrous breakbeat chopping and bright, crystalline melodies, somewhere between J Majik and Alaska (Paradox's ambient jungle side project), with a hint of LTJ Bukem thrown in. Listening to these eight collaborations, it's clear how well-defined his style is beyond any comparisons. Most of them are floaty and majestic—check the strings on "Inside Of Me," a collaboration with Dwarde—with intensive drum manipulation that would feel fussy if it weren't done so perfectly like "Placidity," a collaboration with hotly-tipped producer Msymiakos. There's an improvisatory feeling to this music that separates it from colder, starker drum & bass. The second EP features collaborations with Mr Sensi and Worldwide Epidemic that both feature stuttering drums and glitchy passages that halt and jerk like heart palpitations. The effect is especially startling with the "I'm losing control" yelp on "Lose Control." These tracks recreate old-school jungle and all its daring flightiness and futuristic time-stretching. With eight other producers on show, Meeting Of The Minds makes for a good introduction to a whole new world of artists' catalogues for junglists to dive into.
  • Tracklist
      Vol. 1 01. Kloke & Tim Reaper - Foundation 02. Dwarde & Tim Reaper - Inside Of Me 03. Dev/Null & Tim Reaper - TDD 04. Msymiakos & Tim Reaper - Placidity Vol. 2 01. FFF & Tim Reaper - World Championships 02. Worldwide Epidemic & Tim Reaper - Lose Control 03. Mr Sensi & Tim Reaper - Lost City 04. Jahganauut & Tim Reaper - The Suppressed