Anunaku & DJ Plead - 032

  • Three slabs of percussive heat from DJ Plead and Nervous Horizon's TSVI.
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  • Anunaku, AKA Nervous Horizon's co-head honcho TSVI, and DJ Plead are kindred spirits of sorts. They share an interest in rhythmic references from North Africa and the Middle East and bring a drum-focused approach to their solo productions. Alongside a shared flair for club-ready tunes that refuse to be confined to dark dancefloors, their impact is just as stirring during a home-listening session. On AD 93, the London-based label formerly known as Whities, the pair look to old jungle and UK rave records, Egyptian mahraganat and more to inform their joint offering. At the core of 032 lies seven-minute banger "Clap Clap," an immediate favourite thanks to its blend of brooding sub-bass and jungle-inspired vocal sampling (handled well and utilised sparingly). Perhaps that's why it holds the central position in the sequencing. Following on is "Haze," which is rousing but hazier than "Clap Clap", indebted more to techno perhaps than rave or jungle. Opener "Wheele" sits somewhere in the middle. Often, it's easy to pinpoint each individual's efforts or unique production signatures within a collaborative release. Here, though, the duo's shared interests and reference points make things a little trickier and just that bit more interesting.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Wheele A2 Clap Clap B1 Haze