Jenifa Mayanja - Seeds: Alternate Versions Volume 1

  • Sensual deep house, revisited.
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  • A cooing vocal, delay-drenched keyboards, synth leads that sound like they're floating to the sky—that's a recipe for a great deep house track, the kind that Jenifa Mayanja has been making for decades. Her latest EP launches a new series called Seeds, which offers alternative versions of tracks from her catalogue, showcasing her range and the way her songs develop. 
The first volume's highlight is "I Wanna Hold You." The original version was part of a split 12-inch with Lady Blacktronika from 2010, and here it becomes sensual and whisper-quiet, a house track meant for an intimate moment, not a packed dance floor. It's finished off by a slightly broken beat that sounds more like it was played by a skilled drummer than programmed on a computer.
  • Tracklist
      01. The Calling 02. I Wanna Hold You 03. No-Womans Land