K15 / Culross Close - Volume 1

  • Spacious, jazzy broken beat from the London producer.
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  • Volume 1 is the first collaboration between London artist K15's Esencia imprint and Patrick Gibin's Mother Tongue. It's an ideal team-up. K15 has long used his Bandcamp page as a kind of sketchpad, the breadth of his creativity blossoming across a slew of vinyl and online releases. Originally coming to prominence in dance music with his 2014 deep house double-pack for Kyle Hall's Wild Oats, Kieron Ifill has since proved that was the tip of the iceberg, emerging as a clear link between broken beat and South London's jazz scene. Both tracks here—under his K15 and Culross Close aliases—showcase the building blocks of his rich sound: moody piano, arpeggiated synths, divebombing basslines, syncopated acoustic percussion and Rhodes. On "Elemental," a heavily swung arrangement sets the stage for a virtuosic five-minute solo on the Mark I. Culross Close's "Intrinsic Value," meanwhile, is a syrupy, nostalgic combination of piano, soaring string synths and several mid-range synth leads. You can picture Ifill in his studio, effortlessly moving from keyboard to keyboard, just vibing.
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      A1 K15 - Elemental B1 Culross Close - Intrinsic Value