King Britt - Back2Black

  • Wiggly modular jams.
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  • Monty Luke's Black Catalogue label and King Britt are a good match. Both are hugely creative within the realms of house and techno, and aren't quite as popular as they deserve to be. Back2Black is the Philadelphia artist's first full release on Black Catalogue (where he debuted his Fhloston Paradigm alias as part of a compilation in 2012), and it finds him in inspired form, with two tracks of sprawling, jazz-influenced modular techno that play to pretty much all of his strengths. Which tune you go for depends on your attention span. The title track is funky, bleepy jam with twinkling-star chords and a roving basslines—reminiscent of classic mid-'90s Carl Craig. Though it's a little less inviting, the 15-minute "Too Shay" is the real gem of the EP. Starting off with a simple and repetitive bassline, it gradually adds layers until it shimmers and twists like an old Krautrock jam gone Afrofuturism, with its fulsome textures, jaunty syncopation and pulsating chords.
  • Tracklist
      01. Back2Black 02. TooShay