Boha - Serenity In Chaos

  • Stadium-ready club music with incredible drum programming.
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  • Montreal's Boha makes techno-bass hybrids that don't pull any punches. The bright trance synths that feel like they'd be white-hot to the touch, and kick drums to piss off your neighbours. Just listen to those incredible sub-bass squalls in "East Van Cross," or the Travis Scott-style reverbed yelps. This is stadium bass music, built for the maximum impact. There's a dextrous flexibility to how Boha programs drums, the kind you hear on labels like Timedance or Wisdom Teeth. The way the trap hi-hats slide, slither and collide on "Transcendent Hustle" is astounding, with breakcore-level time-stretching and drum chopping. Boha's music balances technique with rowdiness, which makes it all the more convincing.
  • Tracklist
      01. East Van Cross feat. Victor Bongiovanni 02. Transcendent Hustle 03. Gutter Deliverance
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