Ilana Bryne - Strange Adventure

  • Floating breakbeat house.
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  • Midwest producer Ilana Bryne took us by surprise with her debut EP Low Earth Orbit on Naive in 2019, which became one of the Portuguese label's key releases. Her second record is highly anticipated, and it builds on the potential of Low Earth Orbit's silky smooth breakbeat house. This time, the mood is lounge house. Check out those ultra-cool keyboard notes and slight Latin flair on "I Used To Love T.H.E.M.," or the breaky chug of "Exclusive Shit Holds No Weight," which sounds like an old Detroit electro record suspended in the air. And Russell E.L. Butler's remix of "Theoretic Medical Genitals" is worth the price of admission alone, stripping the track down to its '90s techno essentials with a dazed melody that captures the brilliance of their recent ambient material.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Exclusive Shit Holds No Weight A2 I Used To Love T.H.E.M. B1 Theoretical Medical Genitals B2 Theoretical Medical Genitals (Russell E. L. Butler Booty Mix)