1995 Epilepsy - 1995 Epilepsy

  • Atmospheric drum & bass and pop experiments from an unknown artist connected to Dean Blunt.
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  • Mica Levi? Tirzah? Scratcha DVA? These are some suggestions for who might be behind 1995 Epilepsy, the mysterious new release from a label that mostly puts out music from Dean Blunt. 1995 Epilepsy is occluded, fitful and confusing, tapping into a hazy form of drum & bass like a dream of its titular year. From blown-out bitcrushed reveries ("Grows") to brisk, straight-up rollers ("Tug Of War"), almost every track on the record is based around the genre, though it's hardly functional. "Went Too Far" is a brief drum & bass track with a looped vocal, baroque synths and hellish descent into distortion, while "Get 2 Kno" is a syrupy autotune ballad that recalls the patchwork songraft of Inga Copeland or Tirzah. 1995 Epilepsy unfolds like a fantastic fever dream. In between the distorted squalls of the opening and closing "Afters" tacks are brilliant hooks, tough drum & bass beats and waves of catchy melody.
  • Tracklist
      01. Afters 02. Tug Of War 03. Raw Classics 04. Liberties 05. Get 2 Kno 06. Grows 07. Went Too Far 08. Afterglow 09. When U Look At It... 10. Afters 2