I Love Techno, Gent, Belgium

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  • Well that was the nuts, hence the low profile today! The saturday started at 6am to go meet Metro at Gatwick, Friday nite was lackin sleep as it happened to be snowing..........again. Landed in Cologne where we had 5 hours to kill before our lift arrived, so we jumped on a train into town to find a pub where we enjoyed beer and brockwurst for a few hours, then went on a stomp to marvell at the cathedral (v big) and local talent (which was average). Lift arrived to take us to ILT in Belgium, via Holland for a pit stop, would like to big up Andreas and Paul at this point, our German drivers/hosts/minders, the whole shaboodle really. Got to ILT for 10ish, the venue was a huge mass of warehouses, fully kitted out for crazy tekno kids. It was clear that the organisation of the event had military precision upon entering the cloak room, which was massive in itself, then a huge random whooping cheer errupted as people put their coats in, this was gonna be a biggy! Walked thro the vast chill out room to the forum, which housed the free water stations, toilets and cafe etc, with 2 small tents in the middle with djs all nite. The main rooms all came off this, each marked with a colour screen and digi sign above the door, telling you who was on and whether the entrance to the room was closed or not, even travel info. Time to party....... 2300 - Ricardo villalobos - Yellow room Played quite laid back minimal techno which got me jiggin but didn't hold me as I was ready to get goin so fooked off to.. 2300 - 0100 - Blue room - Carl cox - One of the stars of the night for me, atmosphere was red hot already as were his tunes, rreally rocked it. 0100 - Switch room - Stijn - This one man electro funk band was a real nice find, Belgian I think, funky beats and basslines with his singing and vocal effects over the top, really chatted to and worked the crowd with visuals as well. Clever guy, check him out. 0130 - 0200 - Blue room - Marco Bailey - Too be honest I cant really remember alot at this point as I was having a moment, it was obviously good tho. 0200 - 0300 Yellow room - Richie Hawtin - First time seeing him, that I can remember anyway, I felt a bit let down in a way as he took the tunes down a peg when he didn't need to. Sure he was building it back up again but after an hour when it was pickin up I was off elsewhere to....... 0300 - 0400 - Green room - Miss Kittin - Caught the 2nd hour of her set and it rocked! Was nice and bouncy, she didn't try and be too serious about things and the atmosphere was great, met some well nice locals in there and was quite happy! 0400 - 0time to go to airport 630 I think - Blue room - Dj Ghost - Never heard of him before and boy was he on fire. Banged it out from start to finish which the crowd lapped up and gave everythin back. What a way to finish the night with a nice surprise, im sure we will hear more from him. Was supposed to finish at 0600 but he kept goin and gettin harder untill we had to drag ourselves away back to Cologne sometime between 0630 and 0700. Big big rooms to fill with sound which they generally did a good job of, the light shows and visual screens were awesome in everyroom and nice friendly people consisting of Germans. Italians, French, Belgian, Dutch, big up to the strong Irish showing but only met one other lad from England. Sort it out guys and get there, it is well worth it, i'll be goin back thats for sure. Cheers Metro for sorting the lift with those great, kind guys and wasn't that journey home interesting haha! Cologne airport mangled I will never forget See pics we took comin soon! 9/10