Shifted - Too Stupid To Be Anxious

  • Four cuts of heavy, detailed techno.
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  • The title Too Stupid To Be Anxious is a rare bit of humour from a techno producer whose demeanour and naming choices tend towards the deadly serious, but there's no real lightheartedness on this EP. Running with the hypnotic style of last year's The Light Touch EP, these are dense cuts that make it feel like the walls are closing in on you. Shifted has a unique way of making memorable hooks without conventional melodies, which you can hear on "Deft Hiss," where bursts of sound come in waves, like he's briefly cutting off air before letting you breathe again. There are thick, undulating bass sounds on "Dead Pixels," which is even more suffocating in comparison, blanketing the soundscape and bringing the pressure to an almost unbearable level. Opener "Bark Echo" has a rolling, metallic sound that swings wildly around the central kick drums like a wheel wobbling off its axis. The exaggerated motion is a contrast from the rest of Too Stupid To Be Anxious, which contains some of Shifted's most rigid, physically powerful techno.
  • Tracklist
      01. Bark Echo 02. Dead Pixels 03. Deft Hiss 04. Octave Down