Jamie xx - Idontknow

  • Jamie xx's first solo track since 2015 conveys an artist trying to return with a bang.
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  • It's a big record, a virtual-festival banger with all the trimmings: tempo changes, sound effects and split-second silences. The main vocal sounds like Alt-J covering Schacke's 2019 anthem "Kisloty People." There's a lot going on—too much, in fact. The best moment, when the trippy voice enters, is the simplest, the garbled speech floating on halftime kick drums and lifted skywards by buzzy pads. It's a bold, kooky centrepiece, the kind many producers may spend a whole career trying to create. But for Jamie xx it's not enough, so he chucks in all sorts of glossy noise—high-pitched vocals, spectral wails, a late flurry of keys. He's trying too hard.
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      01. Jamie xx - Idontknow