Soso Tharpa - Decode/Sea Mojo

  • The Washington DC artist's debut rings loud and clear.
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  • There's not much more to want from a track than for it to fill you with glee, itching to hear it anywhere and bursting to share it with anyone. That's what Soso Tharpa's debut 12-inch does. The A-side's thick bassline rolls under a sharp sample of Floorfilla's "Anthem #2," that's as tangy as the track's acid lines. For all the heavy-hitting elements, it's crisp and airy (chirping clusters of woodwinds doing the job), filled with that funky freshness signature to Future Times. B-side "Sea Mojo" serves as a complementary cooldown, washing over as it winds through retro-cosmic synth swells, preparing you to flip the record and as you crave to ride the wave all over again. But "Decode" is the record's true weapon, a peak-time winner that'll set the room off without feeling like a cheap trick.
  • Tracklist
      01. Decode 02. Sea Mojo