Wata Igarashi & Voiski Present WAV ‎- 9719 EP

  • A juicy hook-up between two synth-loving techno artists.
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  • Here's "Happy Piece For Happy People Piece," released on a 2016 EP Voiski recorded for Dekmantel UFO. Now here's "Lost," which Wata Igarashi put out on Midgar a couple years ago. Could anyone tell me a collaboration between the two isn't a great idea? It's the synths, isn't it? Igarashi, a techno artist regarded as one of Japan's finest, and Voiski, a techno artist who's thought of similarly in France, adore synths. Not uncommon, you might say, but these two are particularly enamoured by synths of real radiance and brilliance; the type of melodies that hog consciousness like a strong psilocybin trip. It's perhaps not even worth stating that 9719, this EP for Delsin as WAV is led by rich and evocative synthesis because by now you've guessed this. It should be said that although synths link them, Igarashi's techno is broader, with more space afforded for introspection and subtly, while Voiski seems most at home when he's elegantly thumping it out. If we accept these sweeping summaries, it may be said that 9719 is dressed in a style slightly closer to Igarashi. Notice, for instance, how "Pomme," an EP highlight, creeps, dip and swells. Or how "Pronom" has the poise of a dewy meadow. Flip the record and Voiski's trance influences begin to emerge. "Regex" is a bundle of joy and energy, peaking with a crescendo of colour that reminded me of Italo disco. '90s prog trance could be an influence on "Riff," but I suspect Igarashi and Voiski were more excited by bouncing off each other's abundant skill sets, which shine on 9719, than emulating the past.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Pronom A2 Pomme B1 Regex B2 Riff