A2A - A2A¹

  • Sleek and hyperactive sounds from AYA and Air Max '97.
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  • I'm not sure exactly what it is about A2A¹ that reminds me so much of PlayStation's Wipeout games. Maybe it's the colour scheme of the artwork, or the typography that recalls the game's iconic logo, originally created by Warp Records mainstay The Designers Republic. Maybe it's the shapes of the music itself, the smooth corners and bends, ever so reminiscent of those winding racetracks. It could even be the sampled noise of the crowd that kicks off "Yike," mirroring the sound in my head of hundreds of people whooping and clapping if I ever was good enough to take first place. A2A is a collaboration between AYA and Air Max '97, both of whom have long been some of the most exciting artists making deconstructed club music. AYA's input is clearly audible in her dexterously chopped breaks. Her more abstract tendencies are toned down by Air Max '97s keen pop ear, and the bright synths on tracks like "Turf." The EP is hyperactive but smooth, sleekly produced. The two artists prove a deft team.
  • Tracklist
      01. Turf 02. Yike! 03. Lilac