Joy Orbison - GR Etiquette ('09 Mix)

  • An unreleased classic unearthed for a good cause.
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  • Last Friday, a certain corner of the scene rejoiced when, as part of Bandcamp's direct-to-artists sale, Joy Orbison uploaded maybe the most coveted of his unreleased tunes, "GR Etiquette ('09 Mix)," with all proceeds going to his local food bank. (He's a cheeky devil—in a rare interview last year, he said the tune was lost to time.) Ever since it first surfaced 11 years ago in the sets of a close-knit few, this track has been extremely hyped, its flames periodically fanned by fresh DJ plays and alternative versions in high-profile mixes. You can see why it drove people potty. The Jamie Foxx sample, rumoured to be the reason the track was never released, is humid and sexy, the words "Kiss you like I want to" intensifying the lovely synth line. It has a similar rawness and youthful spark to his other hits from the era, though more stripped-back—the first sign, perhaps, of his pivot away from dubstep and garage towards house and techno. As surprises go in 2020, this is definitely one of the better ones.
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      01. GR Etiquette ('09 Mix)