Ingi Visions - Ingi Visionair EP

  • Four party-rockers from the brothers SlapFunk
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  • "We're not here to educate people," Samuel Deep told us in SlapFunk's Label Of The Month feature. "When I play, I want people to dance, and that’s what I try to do with the label." Deep and his brother Julian Alexander have been turning out rhythmic DJ tools for almost a decade, and they deliver a prime slice of their functional, party-ready sound on this collaborative EP as Ingi Visions. "Visionair Wan" is a lean and percussive roller with enough squelchy bass and EQ'd synths to keep things interesting without risking the groove. The same is true of Alexander's mean and meat "Macrodyn." The other tracks bring the SlapFunk sound into the wee hours. "SlapTrax" creates a paranoid ambience with a staccato synth and a clipped vocal sample. "Visionair Tu'"produces the same effect with a slinking bassline and drawn-out, minor-key pads. Both tracks will keep you dancing, with the latter two hinting at something ominous waiting in the daylight.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Samuel Deep - SlapTrax A2 Ingi Visions - Visionair Wan B1 Julian Alexander - Macrodyn B2 Ingi Visions - Visionair Tu