Ntel - Dilution Effect

  • NAFF go techno on a new sub-label, Garmo.
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  • Across their respective discographies, Canadian artists Priori and Ex-Terrestrial have created a body of dance music that taps into the most vibrant forms of IDM, illbient, techno and house. The focus narrows to greyscale techno on Dilution Effect, the first record on their new sub-label, Garmo, which they've produced together as Ntel. Lead track "Swarm" is uncharacteristically dark, as is its tighter remix from UK vet Scanner. "Resin" offers more to chew on, a murky track with undulating, scaly bass sounds. But if you're coming here for the usual Priori & Ex-Terrestrial goodness, make a beeline for the acid / trance-influenced "Melt," which features wailing divas, muttering vocals and a 303 line that won't quit, put together with the livewire feel of their best work.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Swarm A2 Swarm (Scanner Version) B1 Melt B2 Resin