Brodinski & Low Jack - BZH009

  • The French producers team up for an EP of world's-end bass music.
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  • Brodinski and Low Jack might seem an odd couple at first glance. The former trades in bass-throttled trap firestarters. Low Jack, recently, has been cooking up a zonked-out fusion of industrial music and dancehall. But BZH009 shows they have plenty in common. These murky, blown-out tracks are full of the skittering percussion and walls of bass present in their solo productions. "Tango & Cash" might give you a feeling of vertigo, with looming low-end and clipped flute that sway in and out of the picture. "Armor Sunken" plunges a militant drum line into a tar pit, with sci-fi synth-drones hovering overhead. On "Andaman Sea," flutes dance while rattling hi-hats and purring low-end thrum underneath. This is world's-end bass music, its perilous drops and cragged edges offering dizzying thrills to anyone willing to plumb its depths.
  • Tracklist
      01. Andaman Sea 02. Parhelion Two 03. Tango & Cash 04. Armor Sunken